Ultimate Acres proudly anounces the arrival of a beautiful AQHA sorrel colt nicknamed Nitro


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This is Pristine Miss and her newborn colt born (Nitro) 4-27-02

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Nitro at 2 weeks old

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Nitro at almost 4 weeks old

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Nitro at almost 4 weeks old playing with Equal Proportion

His sire is RB Scooter Array. Scooter can be seen at http://www.towerridge.com/RBScooterArray_main.htm

Check out his pedigree. On his reg. papers he has the great sires Spanish Array, Skippers King, Zip To Impress, Impressive & Quincy Dan.

Click here to see Sire's Pedigree

Click here to see Dam's Pedigree

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