JaJa Rajah Baja of Ultimate Rags

Odd Eyed natural Mink & White with White Tipped Tail


What more could you ask for in a future stud muffin? ;) Look at those gorgeous eyes! His personality is even better than his eye color. He has a motor that wont stop and doesn't seem to know a stranger. He is an absolute lover boy. I don't know if you noticed but all of my Mink boys have been named after the Disney movie Aladdin. My very first Mink mink male was Encore Cats Aladdin of Ultimate Rags.  Next was his son Ultimate Rags Abu who was a natural mink & white with white tipped tail but he did not have the odd eyes. Then there was MeeowderMuffin Ali of Ultimate Rags who did have the odd eyes but not the White Tipped tail. Rajah is Ali's grandson. (Rajah was Jasmine's Tiger in the Movie) I also have a cream mink & white with a white tipped tail named Encore Cat Sultan of Ultimate Rags.

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