Encore Cats Aladdin of Ultimate Rags (Blue Mink & White Kitten)

Aladdin 12-98b.gif (97782 bytes)

Aladdin is the newest member of our family. We are really looking forward to some beautiful

babies from him when he is old enough to breed. He is a true mink with the blue green eyes.


Aladdin is growing up beautifully, we are VERY proud of him. He is a UFO Gold Grand Champion after just 3 shows. He has started a wonderful show career. For more recent pictures of Aladdin click HERE

For a close up of the beautiful mink eyes click HERE (warning this is a large JPG file so you can see the eyes. It will take a while to load) Gif files distort the color a little like in the photo above so if you want to see the true color it is well worth the wait.

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Last Modified: October 30, 2007