Ultimate Rags Double Stuff (Cookie)

Ultimate Rags Double Stuff (Champagne McTabby & White Female)


Introducing Ultimate Rags Double Stuff. Cookie for short ;) She is a daughter of Ultimate Rags Nikki and Big Bear Cats Zebedee. She got her name because of her color. A champagne is a chocolate Sepia. For Cookie to be a champagne she had to get the chocolate gene from both parents and the sepia gene from both parents. So double chocolate genes and double sepia genes. She is the first to be registered of her color. To get both genes from both parents is very rare! She is a special girl with a loving disposition just like her mom. I had a real hard time getting pictures because she kept coming to me and rubbing her head on the camera. This is the only picture that turned out with 25 tries. Every other one had her walking towards the camera.

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