Pictures of our Lot day 1 of clearing


cleared lot front.jpg (122702 bytes)

This is from the front of the lot looking in. The machinery is about where the house will be.

cleared lot front2.jpg (102400 bytes)

Front of the lot looking southwest onto the property.


cleared lot rear of house.jpg (121471 bytes)

This is about where the house will be, looking out at the rear view from the house.


cleared lot pond location.jpg (88234 bytes)

This is where the pond will be. The west side of the house.


cleared lot house area.jpg (124658 bytes)

This is just in front of the house looking sort of southwest.


cleared lot rear.jpg (118448 bytes)

Rear of lot looking towards the rear of the house.

cleared lot riding ring.jpg (97494 bytes)

On the east side of the house looking to the east. This is the area the riding ring will be.


cleared lot barn area.jpg (126481 bytes)

This is looking to the east where the barn will be.


Clearing Day # 2