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Since the RagaMuffins recent growth in popularity, many people are trying to jump on the band wagon and are selling kittens they call RagaMuffins. These kittens are usually Ragdoll crosses and are not RagaMuffins. Unfortunately one registry is registering these kittens as RagaMuffins. The only way to get a RagaMuffin from a Ragdoll parent is if the other parent is a RagaMuffin! To be sure you are purchasing an authentic RagaMuffin be sure you will receive ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association) registration papers.


Thank you for your inquiries concerning the RagaMuffin. The RagaMuffin is a most unique and purrsonable cat, possessing qualities found no where else in the feline world. A huge Teddybear of a cat, that has the ability to go limp when picked up. RagaMuffin females normally weigh 10-15 lbs, while males can tip the scales at over 20 lbs. The skeletal frame is larger than most other cats, enabling them to carry this extra weight most gracefully. Full growth takes 3-4 years.

As the RagaMuffin matures the head broadens to a modified wedge with a rounded appearance. This gives them a dignified but sweet face. Combine this with the unbeatable personality, large size, and low maintenance coat for the ultimate feline companion. They will do just about anything for a cuddle or tummy rub. They are intelligent, sweet and get along well with children and household pets. In fact, they possess some puppy-like qualities. They are always underfoot and will follow at their families heels. They enjoy fetching and can be taught tricks.

While shopping for a RagaMuffin please keep in mind that they are RagaMuffins first and foremost because of their disposition. Although the majority are blue-eyed colorpoints. a RagaMuffin can be solid, tabby or tortie with green, gold or copper eyes. After the wonderful disposition, important characteristics are large size, stocky build, broad head and mat resistant fur.

We are members of the RagaMuffin Associated Group, Inc. (RAG). As members we must abide by a strict code of ethics and cattery guidelines, keeping our reputation and that of RAG beyond reproach. We are small family run catteries. Because we only have a few litters a year, if we do not have the kitten you are looking for, we can help you find a RAG breeder who does. That way you can be sure of buying a happy, healthy kitten, raised in the best environment.

Because the RagaMuffin is not weaned until twelve weeks, we do not send them to their new homes until they are sixteen weeks old. It is our objective to maintain the good disposition and excellent health that the RagaMuffin enjoys today.

Because of the RagaMuffins trusting nature they are strictly indoor cats.

The History of the RagaMuffin

In the early 1960’s Ann Baker, of Riverside, California, developed a number of breeds of cats, collectively known as "Cherubims". The distinguishing characteristics of these breeds were their exceptionally docile, sweet temperaments, large size, "mushiness" and easy care coats.

The exact method by which she developed these breeds is clouded in controversy, misinformation and even conjecture. The truth is that no one knows exactly how or why these cats are the way they are. The fact that her cats possessed the qualities claimed are undisputed, and that they still maintain these qualities today is remarkable, a fact that makes the exact inception inconsequential. What is known is that the first cats used in her breeding programs were those that roamed free in her Riverside neighborhood. They came in all colors. And, there were no pedigreed cats used to develop the original gene pool.

Ms. Baker possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and saw that cats with such consistently desirable qualities would have appeal to a large number of cat fanciers. In order to position herself to take the greatest advantage of this opportunity, she deemed to promote the cats by setting up a private registry and franchising catteries to breed them. The breeders of the "Cherubims" signed contracts, which required them to register their cats in her association and abide by the strict rules she imposed which gave her complete control over the breeding, care and marketing of the cats. Licensing fees were paid to Ms. Baker each year as well as commissions on each sale. The pedigrees of the cats were a closely guarded secret and Ms. Baker positioned herself to be the primary provider of studs used in each cattery.

Over the years, Ms. Baker became embittered over legal matters and became progressively difficult to deal with. As her age advanced her ability to maintain a healthy colony of cats as well as handle all of the administrative responsibilities of her private association, diminished to the point that those breeders who were associated with her became increasingly disenchanted as well as embarrassed by the state of her cattery and the methods by which she deemed to inform the public of the injustices she perceived had been done to her.

In 1993, a group of breeders met with Ms. Baker in Riverside to plan her retirement. She announced that she would turn over the reigns of her association to these breeders in January of 1994; she would retire and would be paid the commissions generated by the sale of the kittens. She planned to retain one or two breeding cats primarily as pets, and would maintain an advisory position for the association. At this point, Ann turned over her breeding records and histories for the group to study and enter into a database for preservation.

Being strong willed and accustomed to having complete control, Ann was unable to release control to this group. By the winter of 1993, it became evident that she did not plan to retire at all. The breeders, with only a few exceptions voted to seek recognition with the mainstream associations and leave Ms. Baker’s association and control. The contracts binding the breeders to Ms. Baker’s association prohibited them from using any of the breed names used to describe her Cherubims.

The group approached ACFA that year, asking for recognition. The breeders submitted a standard along with pedigree information on the foundation cats owned. Although a name for the breed had not yet been determined, the person who was assigned the responsibility of writing the standard, chose to use "RagaMuffin." The explanation given was that since the original gene pool developed from the street cats of Riverside, they were truly Ragamuffins—endearing little urchins! Even though some breeders did not care for the name, it became the official name when ACFA decided to extend registration privileges and experimental status at the semi-annual meeting in St. Louis.

RagaMuffins we accepted as Championship status with United Feline Association (UFO) in 1994. Ultimate Rags is very proud of their regional and national championship awards that have been earned in each show season. Some of our cats to earn regional and nation titles are Ultimate Rags Picture Purrfect, Mainly Marvelous of Ultimate Rags, Ultimate Rags Crystal Blue, Encore Aladdin of Ultimate Rags, Ultimate Rags Picture This and Ultimate Rags She's Got Pizzazz

RagaMuffins advanced to NBC Class in the 1997-98 show year and have enjoyed presenting their cats to ACFA judges since that time. The breeders have worked very hard to develop a cat that has a unique appearance while preserving the original characteristics that are the true description of the breed.

The year 2000 is a landmark in RagaMuffin history, as Championship Status has been granted in ACFA for all the colors of the RagaMuffin. We are looking forward to the opportunity to compete and show off our beautiful and unique cats. We will be able to show in Championship classes starting May 1st, 2001. WAY TO GO RAGAMUFFINS!!!!

Congrats to all the RagaMuffins winning National Titles in thier first Championship show year (May2001-May 2002)

The RagaMuffin is also accepted for registry in AACE and CFF.

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