Our House 8-10-03

8-10-03driveway.jpg (100022 bytes)

The Driveway with the mail box at the end

8-10-03mailbox.jpg (67706 bytes)

The Mailbox!

8-10-03mailbox2.jpg (96303 bytes)

Looking from the mailbox up the driveway to the house. You can see the side of the dormers thru the pine trees.

8-10-03pond.jpg (102186 bytes)

The Pond is nice and full. We have had lots of rain recently.

8-10-03cypress trees.jpg (109322 bytes)

We planted 3 Cypress trees on the edge of the pond. They have pink ribbons on them.

8-10-03patio fans.jpg (52664 bytes)

Ceiling Fans on screen in Patio.

8-10-03china.jpg (49346 bytes)

Good china in cabinet.

8-10-03china2.jpg (52475 bytes)

China behind glass doors.

8-10-03guest bath.jpg (56933 bytes)

Guest bath.


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